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Film Transfer

Wiregrass Montage and Film Conversion believes it offers one of the finest-quality film transfer to dvd available. We use a digitized, flicker-free, frame-by-frame method of film capture with a state-of-the-art telecine machine. This method of transfer ensures you the clearest, brightest transfer possible. Once your film has been converted to a digital format, you may request further editing or we can transfer it directly to dvd or external hard drive.

Film Conversion - The Process:

Upon receipt of your order, we will carefully inspect, clean and lubricate your film. We only use a mild cleaning agent that will not harm your films. It will remove surface dirt, fill-in hairline scratches and add an anti-static quality to the film that helps retard dust and other particles from settling back on the film. Any damaged sections that will not run through our equipment will be cut out and the good ends spliced together. Reels and boxes will be returned to you. Your movie film will be returned in the same or better condition than we received it.

If you know what content is on your movie film, you may wish to number them sequentially and that is how they will be played on your dvd(s). Films received without a sequence number will be transferred randomly. A review dvd option is available.

We transfer both 8mm and Super 8mm film to digital video. We also are one of the few 8mm film conversion sites to offer sound film conversions. You may choose between two simple to understand transfer options.

Basic Conversion includes cleaning, repairing, and splicing film and adding leader where needed. You will receive a title and graphic introducing the film and a custom-made cover and dvd disc. No editing of any kind including color and brightness correction, over-exposure and under-exposure camera flash correction, image stability, menu with chapter markers, or any of the other features offered in our enhanced conversion below. You basically get the exact same material as it appears on your film only in digital, dvd, or analog VHS format.

Enhanced Conversion is our most popular option. We use a broadcast industry-standard, non-linear editor (NLE) to make improvements and enhancements on your film. In addition to the features offered in our basic package, after conversion your film will undergo the following:

  • a hands-on, rigorous inspection of each frame of your film to remove camera flashes caused by over-and-under exposure when filming. (To our knowledge, no other film conversion vendor offers this critically important feature at this price!)
  • transitions between segments (fade-in, fade out, etc.)
  • color correction to remove gamma saturation common to 8mm home movies.
  • enhanced video sharpness, hue and contrast.
  • removal of poorly developed (black) or blank segments of film.
  • Unlimited, custom-created titling or captions.
  • DVD custom-made motion menus
  • DVD chapter markers * Music - Audio Narration (optional)
  • REVIEW DVD (optional)

We now offer out-of-house 16mm film conversions in Standard or High-Definition. Contact us for details.

Note: Of course, the quality of the transfer is dependent upon the quality of the film you provided. We can improve light & color somewhat, but we cannot improve poor focus from the original material or restore the heads that were cut off! Please remember, we didn't shoot the original film. Also, although we use audio enhancement software to improve the sound quality on sound films, the microphones and analog tape quality of 8mm films is less than optimal. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the audio quality or synchronization to video of sound films. We reserve the right to refuse film that is severely damaged or in very poor condition.



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